Monday, October 10, 2016


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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Pool party...

While we were in Utah this summer we met up with our Wisconsin friends for an evening pool party. It takes a few minutes for the kids to warm up to each other again, the older they grow, longer the warming up takes. But then they're inseparable again, just like when they were young. Everyone has a buddy their age.

The house we went to swim at was our friends parent's house and it was more than just a pool. When the kids were done swimming they could roast mallows at the fire pit, play some basketball/tennis or go visit the horses. It might as well be considered a resort!
 photo 20160625-DSC_2218-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2230-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2237-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2255-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2262-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2270-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2278-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2280-2.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2320.jpg
I'm not a big animal fan, but these horses were beautiful. Perhaps it was the sun set casting a warm light on their shiny hair. Or perhaps it was the perfectly manicured stables that were nice enough I wouldn't mind living in them. Either way, the boys enjoyed their time admiring and feeding the horses.
 photo 20160625-DSC_2336.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2362.jpg
We definitely scored in the friend department when we moved to Wisconsin. Grateful we're able to keep tabs on each other over the years.
 photo 20160625-DSC_2381.jpg
 photo 20160625-DSC_2388.jpg

Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Just before school started, we worked to get everyone settled in their new sleeping spaces. Bennett moved into Hunter's room which he was painfully excited about, Hunter on the other hand not so much. Hunter hasn't ever shared a room and he was less than excited at the prospect of someone touching his legos!

Cannon moved from the crib downstairs into a big boy bed upstairs. And Briggs graduated from the portable crib in the laundry room to the room with a full-size crib. It was quite the process to get everyone moved around.

And since we were moving everyone around, it seemed like a good time to clean out closets and purge some junk. Every room looked like this:
 photo 20160806-DSC_4728.jpg

Piles of clothing that fit. Piles that were too small and needed to be passed down. Piles that need to donated.

And while we were moving rooms around, I figured it was time to replace the old twin bed and move the twin bed I made for Hallie a few years back into Cannon's new room since she upgraded to a queen size bed. It was a lot of moving!
 photo 20160729-DSC_4358.jpg
 photo 20160831-DSC_5596.jpg
And we got everyone squared away just in time for school. The first day of school Bennett and Hunter both rushed off and didn't make their beds. That night I reminded them that their beds are to be made every morning before they leave their room. Three weeks have since passed and I was just telling Steve, they've been rockstars and have only missed making their beds one time.

I may have spoke too soon.

Last night I went to tuck them in later than usual and I found Bennett sleeping on top of his made bed. Hunter shared with me that Bennett has been sleeping like that every night so he doesn't have to make his bed! Sneaky kid!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Summer leg...Idaho, again...

While we were in Idaho, I made a comment to Hallie that I wanted to show her where I went to school, nothing was planned but I threw out the idea. Hallie, with the help of Hunter and Steve created a plan. Without my knowledge, they worked on a super secret scavenger hunt for me to visit my old stompin' grounds around the small town I grew up in. Have I mentioned how small the town is? It's pretty small so even seeing several places in town only takes minutes! They had me stumped on a couple clues and their creativity was top notch.

 photo 20160721-DSC_4173.jpg
The start of our hiking spot to go find treasures.
 photo 20160721-DSC_4176.jpg
 photo 20160721-DSC_4180.jpg
When I was younger I used to ride my bike down to the library on a weekly basis. Although the library has been torn down and rebuilt since then and the creepy cat they used to let roam among the books is no longer living.
 photo 20160721-DSC_4192.jpg
We picked up a scotch n' soda and fries at the A&W, where I worked when I was in high school.
 photo 20160721-DSC_4202.jpg
And we landed at the "Dome" - our high school gymnasium. There aren't many gyms that can top this in the coolness factor. A lot of hours were spent in that place!
 photo 20160721-DSC_4216.jpg

 photo 20160706-DSC_3692.jpg
 photo 20160706-DSC_3694.jpg
Don't be fooled by this picture. These two hated each other. Any chance they could get, they were stealing toys, pushing or wrestling one another to the ground. We tried to keep them separated which proved to be harder than expected and minutes before my sister and her son left for the airport to head home I snapped this picture. Years from now we'll tell them just how much they fought and we won't have any pictures to prove it. I'll pull out this picture and they'll think I'm a liar! And funny enough they both appear to be sporting Christmas jammies in July.
 photo 20160707-DSC_3701.jpg
 photo 20160717-DSC_3962.jpg
We made a visit to my happy place in McCall. The lake, the boats, the weather - I soaked it in. Although the water was a little too cold for my Arizona blood children. They want warmer pool water, not cold lake water!
 photo 20160719-DSC_4067.jpg
 photo 20160719-DSC_4094.jpg
 photo 20160719-DSC_4109.jpg
The night before we left, we kidnapped the older kids after they had already gone to bed to enjoy one last late night treat with Grandma. Kids love all surprises no matter how small and these two thought this was just about the coolest thing.
 photo 20160720-IMG_4860.jpg
As we made the drive home, we stopped for lunch and enjoyed Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls. The perfect pit stop to stretch some legs.
 photo 20160722-DSC_4271.jpg
 photo 20160722-DSC_4268.jpg

Can't thank these two enough for putting up with us. Hopefully we're welcome back next summer.
 photo 20160717-DSC_3953.jpg
 photo 20160717-DSC_3959.jpg

And that concludes our month long road trip - props to anyone who got through all those pictures over so many posts!
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